Choosing the Best Running Shoes for Trail Running

There are a number of things that you need to look out for when you are choosing the best trail running shoes for you.

The tread on trail running is important as this will give you better traction. Trail running means that you will be running in mud and other uneven conditions. If you find that you are running in these conditions often opt for shoes that have lugs of between 5 and 7mm in height. For those who run on dry, hard-packed trails look for one that has shorter lugs, between 2 and 4mm in height.

Cushioning is a question of personal preference. Those who use the same running shoe for trail and road running might want more cushioning, but those who prefer to feel closer to the ground might opt for less. More cushioning is helpful for those who suffer with joint pain.

Some of the trail running shoes have been designed with a rock plate, that will help to protect the foot against the possibility of rock bruising. Those who may find that they are running on gravel surfaces or rocky

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trails will need this additional protection. However, this is extra weight in the running shoe and you should only choose running shoes that with a rock plate if you really need it.

Heel-to-toe drop looks at the difference in the cushioning between the heel of the shoe and the toe. The traditional drop is 10mm-12mm and is perfect for those whose foot strike is heel first. If the drop is lower then it is better for a midfoot strike.

Finally, trail running often means running where there is mud and water, so you need some kind of waterproof feature. Look out for the letters ‘GTX’, which means ‘Gore-Tex’. There are other trail running shoes that include things like integrated gaiters for protection against the elements.