Running Club Member Benefits

If you want to join a running club in Ireland then you need to make sure what benefits you are going to get from your membership. Benefits will vary from club to club but they may include a few of these.


Some clubs wilКартинки по запросу insurancel offer you insurance so that when you attend training sessions you have third party cover. Always check in advance that the club has liability insurance that will cover them in the event of an accident or incident.

Suitable for everyone

There is a running club in Ireland that will suit everyone, whether you are a seasoned runner or you are a complete beginner. They will have training programmes that will suit your skill level and this means that you will be running with people who are in a similar position to you.

Access to competitions

If you want to take part in competitions, being a member of the right club could give you access to the events that you want. Find out in advance whether or not the club you have chosen can help you to train for specific events. Being part of a club can help you to achieve much more because it can encourage you and you will be among like-minded people.

Social life

While many people join a club just to improve their personal bests and their fitness levels, they are still sure to make friends and this can lead to a whole new social scene for you. Most clubs will have regular social events that you are free to attend if you wish.

Participate in other ways

Membership of a club does not just mean that you will be running at events. You may also get the opportunity to act as stewards at road races or take part in some other way if you do not wish to compete yourself.