Using Beginner to 5k Running Plans

One of the first distances that beginner runners want to achieve is the 5k. This may seem like an impossible task when you first start out but there are a number of plans that you can follow to help you to achieve yourКартинки по запросу 5k Running Plans goal within a reasonable time frame.

When you first start out you will be hearing ‘walk’ and ‘rest’ quite a bit. You are not expected to be running all the time. There are programmes that are designed to last for six weeks, eight weeks or more, but if you find that the programme for one of the weeks has been particularly difficult there is nothing wrong with repeating that week until you are comfortable with it.

Most training plans that take you from total beginner to 5k will have a rest day every other day. These are important so that your body can recover on those days and be ready for running again the next day. However, you could do some other form of exercise such as swimming or gentle cycling.

The training plans will show you how to alternate jogging and walking, gradually building up the distance. During the first week, for example, you may not run further than 1.5km in total during your run. This may be broken up into sessions of 2 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking, but if that is not comfortable for you, add additional walking so you are doing 2 minutes before going back to jogging.

By the end of the training programme you will be able to run 5k and you will feel comfortable with it because you have not pushed yourself too hard. Once you have achieved the 5k you may want to concentrate on this distance to improve your speed and time, or take the opportunity to aim then for a 10k.